To date, Sutherland & Associates has led or significantly contributed to 27 field-building projects while also managing $17,907,163 in investments for 5 different funding organizations going to support 417 projects across 8 different funding mechanisms. In service to their clients, they successfully coordinate with hundreds of local governments and their partners around the world.

Impact Statements from Partners and Clients:

“Very helpful. Very, very helpful – thank you! As a founder and an integral part of overall network expansion, your perspective is super helpful to our planning work. I really value your 30,000 ft. view of the funding landscape, and as always, you’ve been invaluable in supporting my understanding of how we fit into the big picture.” – Southeast Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Well, that terrific! Thanks so much for eliciting some good conversation and for planting that seed with me, and with the group today. I’ll definitely keep you posted and will probably reach out now and again for words of wisdom as things progress. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!” – University of Alaska Staff Member

“It was incredibly helpful and exciting to see what is already being done. I think there is so much opportunity to make our processes even more efficient using the systems you have already built and implemented.” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“We really appreciate the great advice and practical actions that you suggested. Our at-risk communities are on the frontline of the life and death situations that result from rising heat and our sector has a long way to go to address this. We are going to retool our approach in a few key areas based on this conversation.” – Global Cool Cities Alliance Staff Member

“Besides being the most organized on the planet and knowing cities deeply, you have been a steady mentor and thought partner to me all these years. I just wanted to say thank you, my friend. I’m really going to miss working with you, but leave knowing that you remain a vital part of the team and thus, that all is in good hands. I hope our paths will cross again at some point in the near future. Thank you!!” – Building Decarbonization Coalition Staff Member

“Thank you. You brought clarity where fog reigned.” – Summit Foundation Staff Member

“You have clearly put a lot of work into making processes as frictionless as possible. Your ready availability, generous and patient assistance, concise and clear explanatory materials, understanding of our limitations and pressures in government, and enthusiastic support made this stress-free. I am very grateful, and know that we will continue to leverage this work as we assist other jurisdictions on their policy development and implementation journeys.” – City of Vancouver, BC, Canada Staff Member

“I want to thank you for the opportunity and honor to serve alongside you. The work that you do is of the highest importance, and you do it with skill, smarts and style. I’ve learned so much, and hopefully contributed a little.” – City of Missoula, MT Staff Member

“Thank you so much for this tremendous effort. We are so appreciative of your help.” – Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Member 

“Thank you for all your work during this off-the-map year. Goes to show that you always can be counted on. Knowing that is something I am extremely grateful for.” – Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Staff Member

“I am constantly amazed how you are so on top of things. Thank you!!” – The Funders Network Staff Member

“Thank you for all of your help with the Digital Annual Meeting, especially working such crazy hours last week. I truly value your partnership!” – Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Staff Member

“These materials are awesome! Thank you so much for all of your time and thoughtful review and deliverables – it’s like you read our minds and knew exactly what we needed.” – City of Columbus, OH Staff Member

“I looked over your document, it looks great, and is very timely.  We’ve advanced our conversations around funding and accountability quite a bit and I think we could really build on this. I’ll share with my steering committee, they’ll love it.” – City of Austin, TX Staff Member

“Thank you for facilitating a very meaningful dialogue with the City and our partners and thank you for this draft. All of your support and your extra time are very much appreciated in this effort.” – City of Chicago, IL Staff Member

“Thanks so much for sending this over! We recently sat down to discuss next steps. This doc has some great suggestions and ideas for us to start with in drafting up a proposal.” – City of Honolulu, HI Staff Member

“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed listening to your descriptions of where the urban sustainability / climate effort stands these days. Very smart and thought provoking. Thanks!” – Innovation Network for Communities Staff Member

“I loved hearing about your work. It’s tough sledding with so many different stakeholders involved, but breaking out of everyone’s silo is the only way we’re going to really make progress.” – Cascade Energy Staff Member

“Thanks for such able coordination of this process. You are so well organized!” – TransitCenter Staff Member

“I presented the facilitation tool to administration. They were thrilled with its elegance in understanding the relationship of proposed initiatives to the Comp plan and other City policies, tools, stakeholders and operations.  Admin loved how it could encourage deeper discussions without getting into implementation details. They felt the metrics would be a rich repository to align our reporting. We are going to establish a SharePoint to house ongoing policy discussions and use the notes for final reports. The tool established everything we hoped for! I will send you more updates as our baby develops. Thank you so much for your patience, insight, and tough love.” – City of Las Cruces, NM Staff Member

“Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful. I love your work.” – Social Venture Partners International Staff Member

“A huge thank you for all your superb efforts making the review process so much simpler and more enjoyable! I also learn from you as we discuss proposals. – City of Nashville, TN Staff Member

“I have so much respect for who and how you are in the world.  You have a very important role in these times. It’s critical that those with essential skills at helping to manage and guide constructive works be recognized and brought into positions from which they can enable such systems to scale work.” – Urban Drawdown Initiative Staff Member

“I’ve just read your final report and the attachments.  Well done.  You are formidable.” – Summit Foundation Staff Member

“Thanks so much! This team is so nice.” – City of Miami Beach, FL Staff Member

“I wanted to extend a warm thanks to you for expertly ushering us through proposals and discussions this year. For those that are new to this committee, Sutherland & Associates took over at the end of last year and have used their talents of fund management to help us unbiasedly discern proposals this year. They’ve brought a fantastic additional perspective and lens to the process and have expeditiously applied feedback from this group into the proposal for each new round.” – City of Hollywood, CA Staff Member

“Thank you again for all you do! You are an integral element to make sure so many have the opportunity to impact their communities. And, you’re the best registration desk wingman EVER. Many thanks for your heartwarming patience and sense of humor. Many, many thanks!” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Thank you on so many levels.  Mostly just for being who you are, holding the space you hold so skillfully in this work.” – City of Boulder, CO Staff Member

“All that is to say thank you! I have credited you out loud many times now as having prompted me to take a new approach to my work.” – City Scale Staff Member

“Thanks for the pep talk! Super helpful and very appreciated. I strive to get to your level of time management skills.” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely note. It’s important to me that my staff feel appreciated for their work.” – City of San Francisco, CA Staff Member

“Just like you, this is spectacular and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“I just wanted to say thank you again for all of the work you did to help the meeting go so well. The Fund session was a big success, as always, and your contributions to the breakout sessions, note taking, and analysis was greatly appreciated as well.” – Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Staff Member

“I just wanted to send a very quick thank you for your leadership in NYC last week.  I thought the meeting was really helpful and it was very valuable to have you with us. Thank you as well for helping with the proposal right now!” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Amazing feedback. I really enjoy getting to sit in on these calls and learn from you. As complicated as things can get, I feel equally as honored to be navigating these waters with you.” – The Funders Network Staff Member

“That was an epic funding round artfully shepherded to a very solid outcome. Fantastic work!” Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Thank you for the difficult task of managing our committee’s review of those proposals in two groups. I think your organizational and preparation really facilitated our coming to a solid decision point in under two hours. Thank you. It’s a pleasure to work with you all.” – City of Fort Lauderdale, FL Staff Member

“You are rock stars! Thank you for all the work preparing for this round of proposals–for everything behind the scenes as well as in front of the curtains, like the call this afternoon.  We are so harmonious and productive as a team because of the thoughtful and strategic work you do to get us there. We simply cannot thank you enough, but I wanted to be sure to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do.” – Washington, D.C. Staff Member

“Sutherland and Associates work adroitly behind the scenes to make our retreats and meetings run so smoothly and they are both so talented that it runs like clockwork. Grazie mille! – Innovation Fund Committee Member

“A quick email to say ‘thank you’ again for helping facilitate such a positive Committee experience. I appreciate your time and effort to provide an environment where we were able to thoughtfully consider strategic innovation investments to further the work of our sustainability field and the value of the network. I look forward to working with you all in the future!” – City of Alexandria, VA Staff Member

“THANK YOU.  I thought it was an excellent retreat – I really liked the creative approaches to opening the conversation on Thursday. You are both expert shepherds of the fund and our committee.  Thank you for that.” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“One thing that I so much respect in your work is your ability to keep your eye on the big picture and being very thoughtful without losing the ability to get deep in the weeds in a way that builds the big picture.” – City of Northampton, MA Staff Member

“You are always a breeze to coordinate with, and very concise and easy to understand.” – Urban Sustainability Directors Network Staff Member

“Thank you for being awesome!” – City of Boston, MA Staff Member

“As usual you did all the front end work for us and ran a super tight meeting so it was a pleasure to participate. I’ll miss how super organized you are and how effectively you run the program. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. ” City of Vancouver, BC Staff Member

“Terrific – thanks so much. One thing is clear — and that is you have greatly exceeded any hope or expectation I had for support and assistance on this project. I’ve so enjoyed working with you!” – City of St. Louis, MO Staff Member

“I really value and respect the excellent work you do. You are part of the glue that keeps this all functioning so seamlessly. One never knows the challenges you face and resolve on a daily basis.” – City of Boulder, CO Staff Member