Description of Reach

To date, Sutherland & Associates has led or significantly contributed to 28 field-building efforts. Reference the Portfolios pages for examples.

These products have been produced while also continuously managing 13 unique pooled funding mechanisms across 5 different networking organizations.

As of early 2023, $23,598,086 in strategically managed climate investments flowing through the S&A team have supported 570 boots-on-the-ground projects.

Thus far, these competitive awards have leveraged an additional $158,770,692 from additional investors.


Partnering Across Sectors

Sutherland & Associates intentionally partners across sectors.

This chart provides a sector breakdown of the 1,020 current and past partners that this team has successfully facilitated deal flows and initiated payments with – and received reporting and deliverables from over project timelines spanning 6 months to 3 years.

Impacts are continuously tracked across network databases.