Description of Reach

To date, Sutherland & Associates has led or significantly contributed to 27 field-building projects.

These efforts (reference Portfolios for examples) have been made while also continuously managing 9 unique funding mechanisms. To date, $15,404,179 in investments from 5 different funding organizations have supported 348 projects. An example of one funding organization with two funding mechanisms is here. Thus far, these competitive awards have leveraged an additional $73,002,244 from other investors.


In service to the field-advancing work of clients, Sutherland & Associates successfully coordinates with hundreds of local governments and their partners around the world to facilitate deal flows, initiate payments, receive reporting and deliverables, and track impacts.

Partnering Across Sectors

Sutherland & Associates partners with organizations across a variety of sectors ranging from government, to community-based, to philanthropic, to academic. The chart provides a breakdown of current and past partners by sector.