About Sutherland & Associates

About our company

Founded in 2013, Sutherland & Associates is a mission-driven organization working to help communities address climate change.

Since its founding, hundreds of local governments, cross-sector partners, and philanthropic investors have been able to use this platform to turn good ideas into tested, scalable practices. Creative design and consistent management of major research, technical assistance, and investment initiatives are seamlessly executed.

Staff efficiently works with partners and their grantees to scope, execute, and close projects in a manner that is designed for ease of use and impact capture. They create and adapt programs to match fluid strategies. They maintain databases that inform course-setting in real time.

Project schedules do not lag, commitments are exceeded, and clients know the value of eased workloads and carefully facilitated next steps. Excellence is a daily habit.

Clients recognize that systemic changes require an appetite for measured risk. They invest in ideas and programs designed to transform and evolve how places function.

Not all experiments succeed, but clients understand that when it comes to developing scalable climate solutions, nothing tried is nothing gained. Sutherland & Associates is invested in supporting their success. Creatively adapting to shifting social, environmental, and economic realities so that everyone can thrive is the primary motivation of this consultancy.