• Addressing Climate Change

    Helping communities adapt for an equitable and resilient future

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  • Practitioners and Private Partners

    Unlocking shared resources to achieve collective goals

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  • Working with Foundations and Collaboratives

    Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that yield desired impacts

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  • Supporting Nonprofits and Governments

    Adaptively instigating systemic changes across sectors

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Sutherland & Associates is a mission-driven organization working to help people address climate change impacts in communities around the world.

Statements from Partners and Clients

Specialties and Expertise


Fund Management

Serve as an intermediary between philanthropic investors and practitioners. Highly skilled at pooled grant fund start-up design, management, and evolution over time.

Partnership Development

Research and develop ways that people can access resources, partner, and work together to mitigate carbon emissions and adapt to climate change in equitable ways.


Map goals to quantifiable metrics to understand the effectiveness of programmatic actions. Recommend improvements, inform database design, and create impact evaluation processes.

The Water-Energy Nexus

Design and facilitate cross-sector collaborations to develop shared and integrated approaches that transform water and energy resource management at the community level.




Foundations and Collaboratives

Advising philanthropic and mission-based groups on how to make targeted investments to directly address climate issues.

Nonprofits and Governments

Enabling efficiency through data gathering and assessment, metric development, goal-oriented work plan development, silo-breaking, and facilitation of partner connections.

Practitioners and Private Partners

Enabling cross-sector practitioners and private partners to exert influence on climate issues through collaborative work.