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Specialties and Expertise


Fund Management & Design

Serve as an intermediary between philanthropic investors and practitioners. Highly skilled at pooled grant fund start-up design, management, and evolution over time.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Research and develop ways that people can access resources, partner, and work together to mitigate carbon emissions and adapt to climate change in equitable ways.

Evaluation & Evolution

Map goals to quantifiable metrics to understand the effectiveness of programmatic actions. Recommend improvements, inform database design, and create impact evaluation processes.

Advising & Technical Assistance

Share 10 years of experience to help clients and partners be successful in fund raising / proposal development, program design, organizational strategy, and network building.


  • Sutherland & Associates offers a broad range of services to partners and clients.

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Foundations and Collaboratives

Foundations and Collaboratives

Advising philanthropic and mission-based groups on how to make and track targeted investments on climate issues.

Nonprofits and Governments

Nonprofits and Governments

Gaining efficiencies via prioritization, process changes, and unlocking of resources in partner ecosystems.

Practitioners and Private Partners

Practitioners and Private Partners

Facilitating collaboration across sectors to exert collective influence on climate policies and practices.

  • Federal Funding Opportunities Tracker

    Sutherland & Associates is actively tracking new and emerging funding opportunities from IIJA and IRA to leverage opportunities in your communities.