Susanna Sutherland | Principal

Susanna facilitates cross-sector collaborations to develop and spread effective ways to address climate change. She creates tools that fill knowledge gaps and overcome barriers. She also designs and oversees philanthropic grant programs with her team.

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Karen Sutherland | Content Manager

Karen handles logistics, pitching in with the team to ensure the quality of deliverables. She provides detailed reviews in a fast-paced work environment, and gets people where they need to be on time and fully prepared.

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Ali Liberman | Program Coordinator

Ali uses her sustainability educational and background to solve problems with practitioners in the field. She thrives in the start-up space, seeing gaps and creatively filling them in ways that build long term buy-in and growth.

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Mariana Garcia | Program Coordinator

Mariana ensures that recommendations to clients are backed by the strongest data and freshest information available. She manages grant portfolio processes for three major climate and sustainabilty networks, and a host of active grantees.

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