Practitioners and Private Partners

Cross-sector practitioners and private partners can be overlooked as a significant driver of climate solutions. Often there is a lack of access or insight into the fields that they need influence to effectively do their jobs. 

Sutherland & Associates works across sectors so that it is clear that everyone, especially those working to bridge gaps in communities, are part of the problem solving process around climate issues. 

For instance: 

  • Investor-owned utilities can be paired with municipal utilities to jointly address water and energy resources in an integrated way

  • The private market can be tapped to influence customer behavior changes that governments are unable to motivate

  • Governments can be taught to see themselves as technical support for and conveners of community-based organizations, sharing power and responsibility in ways that advance climate progress locally

Sutherland & Associates provides frank assessments, suggests process flows, and advises on ways to work together to unlock resources that may exist in silos to achieve collective goals.