Practitioner networks

Networks are valuable support systems that allow members to communicate with each other and leverage collective knowledge, save time through avoided pitfalls, and tap resources that may not be available to individuals.

From network startup design to mature network impact capture, Sutherland & Associates teaches the how-to of strategy and data gathering, so that clients can tell their story of influence and needs.

Networks large and small are benefiting from Sutherland & Associate’s decade-long experience in network building, grant making, and impact capture. Challenges navigated include:

  • Articulating end goals at formation so network structure and data collection supports for greatest influence from the beginning
  • Developing programs that ensure daily workload is leading network staff to organizational milestones
  • Designing and facilitating member meetings around strategic decision points while preserving the democratic nature of a network and maintaining a safe space for differing opinions
  • Modifying and streamlining existing systems to eliminate redundancy so that staff and members can work smarter
  • Managing members in collaborative efforts by being a highly trained and responsive accountability hub for technical assistance, grant agreements, timely execution of outputs, and extraction of outcomes

No two networks are the same in temperament and construction. Sutherland & Associates listens to background and intentions, helps articulate short and long-term visions, and builds tailored work plans designed to achieve network goals.