Renewable energy depicting working with foundations

Investing for impact is often stymied by unclear goals, outdated metrics, politics, and the pressure of having to grant-make while also needing awards to support organizational goals.

Sutherland & Associates provides ongoing management of multiple large, multi-year, philanthropy-funded grant programs. The firm is adept at not only managing pooled funding from many philanthropic investors to allow a channel for aggregated investment, but also in meeting individual foundation goals through the pooled funding mechanism. It works with governing committees to ensure that:

  • Pooled funds are balancing the needs of funder and grantee alike, each informing the other of needs and desirable outcomes
  • Requests for Proposals are designed to accommodate dual and complementary topics, so specific areas of need can be targeted
  • Scoring criteria supports metrics, so that award choices advance organizational goals
  • The question of grantee impact can be answered in multiple ways to speak to various audiences
  • Auditors, evaluators, networks, and fiscal sponsors have transparency in investments, outputs, and outcomes by developing and curating customer relationship management (CRM) databases

Like networks, no two foundations are the same. Sutherland & Associates starts where the organization is, learns the history, understands the challenges, and builds mutually beneficial partnerships that prosper and grow over time.